flat plates made of architectural concrete in thickness range from 4 to 18mm, for applications as a wall cladding, internal walls and external (facades), floor panels, boards of other applications as cladding, cladding
stairs and walls, window sills, terrace tiles.

manufactured in accordance with the grc standard, providing highest technological parameters -full hardiness and abrasion resistance at level 4, high strength and minimal base thickness. all the products have full frost resistance, therefore the area of its use is not limited to the interior.

our supplier, artis visio, deliberately pursues the policy of a high standard of technological regime while maintaining the naturalness of concrete aesthetics. therefore, all the possible color tonal differences, littleerrors, minor imperfections in thickness and adhesion, smudges and stains are not corrected. every product also has a not exactely defined porosity. the final effect of the surface can therefore be variable, and the porosity is different.