KAHA | concrete ring grey & gold


Concrete diameter: 1cm | Total weight: 4g | adjustable size

Series of concrete jewelry inspired by the life journey of a human: „strength from the fragility within“

KAHA stands for strength in Maori. Strength is the most common characteristics of concrete, reflecting growth & maturity: all-soft and shapeable at the beginning, yet becoming harder with time and experience, that often leave scars.

KAHA is combining fragile, subtle and feminine elements, making them the most visible parts of the jewelry, with concrete that is not to be seen at first sight, yet being the heart piece of the jewelry. The concrete is representing hidden strength with scars for life experience that are perceived as golden, for they form a human. Each piece has minor imperfections typical for concrete and a different gold pattern – just as each and every human is unique, there are no two identical pieces.



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